“I Am Old Enough To Be Your Father”


OK, so no one actually said this to me directly.¬† Not in those words anyway.¬† I put the quotation marks to rattle you. ūüėČ

All kidding aside, the sentiment behind the title is one I have encountered countless times as a young woman in Corporate America. ¬†Given the fact that I am often the youngest person at my level at each company I have worked at, this¬†isn’t¬†surprising. Having a coworker or supplier throw their years of experience in my face has become somewhat of a daily¬†occurrence. Usually it’s prefaced with the statement, “I don’t want to date myself…“, but their intent is to do just that. To let me know they have been doing this job since I was in diapers. That my “fancy MBA” cannot compete with their hard-earned on-the-job training. ¬†Other times they say things like “In the good old days…” or they find a way to work in the even-less subtle “I have a daughter/son about your age…” in the conversation.
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Cube Farm Life


Have you ever had to go from sitting in a nice cushy office with one employer to switching to a cubicle with another?

Let me tell you. It is not easy.

I. miss. my. office.

In my current role, I get to work in an ultra-modern, brightly and naturally lit building with fully equipped gyms,¬†convenient dry cleaning,¬†fully stocked¬†cafeteria, flex hours and…….yup, cubicles. Everyone, from the person in the mail room to director level folks sits in one of these. ¬†I am not claiming to be above sitting in a cube. Before my last job, I had always sat in them as well. But trust me, after a¬†4 year stint, a girl gets accustomed to certain things. Such as ¬†having a door and being able to shut it on occasion. Lol.

All of the below happened to me in my first 2 weeks of being in a cube:

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