Cube Farm Life


Have you ever had to go from sitting in a nice cushy office with one employer to switching to a cubicle with another?

Let me tell you. It is not easy.

I. miss. my. office.

In my current role, I get to work in an ultra-modern, brightly and naturally lit building with fully equipped gyms, convenient dry cleaning, fully stocked cafeteria, flex hours and…….yup, cubicles. Everyone, from the person in the mail room to director level folks sits in one of these.  I am not claiming to be above sitting in a cube. Before my last job, I had always sat in them as well. But trust me, after a 4 year stint, a girl gets accustomed to certain things. Such as  having a door and being able to shut it on occasion. Lol.

All of the below happened to me in my first 2 weeks of being in a cube:

1. I like listening to music at work. A little Sade, Yuna or Amel goes a long way in alleviating work stress and tuning out the bs. In my office previously,  I would have just played directly from my iPad,  no headphones, low volume. Here, headphones are a must, of course.

So, I plug in my headphones and crank up the volume. But for some reason, although I can hear it, the sound is not projecting as clearly as it should.

Turns out, my headphones were broken and the entire floor was treated to “I’m crying everyone’s tears…King of Sorrow”.


I heard their collective heads turn to behold the new, afro-haired, Black woman with a love for Sade. Sigh.

2. Along these same lines, on occasion, a friend will send the funny Instagram or Facebook post, designed specifically to serve as comic relief and break up the day. A few days in, I received one of such IG posts, involving a video of Chief Obi (my non-Nigerians, please google). So yea, I must have accidentally clicked on the post, and my office was delighted with this wonderfully humorous skit in a highly exaggerated Igbo accent. I couldn’t hit STOP fast enough! I’m not sure I’ve lived this down yet. Lol.

3. I have also had to explain my food more than ever because I have had a few working lunches. You know from this post, how I feel about that.

Other things that make the cube farm life fun include:

People literally watch your comings and goings. Everyone knows when you arrive in the morning, how often you leave your desk, and when you leave.

Phone conversation can be difficult. If you want to have a spur of the moment call with a business partner, those are challenging  because noise levels tend to get high. I had a supplier call me at my desk. As I was speaking to him, my cube neighbor decided, at that precise time to engage in his own, very colorful convo. If you want to have a personal conversation,  you must leave your desk, or be an expert whisperer.

Although I have an issue with trying to maintain my privacy, I am equally disturbed by people revealing TMI during personal loud phone convos. Like, did I really need to overhear you talk to someone about your bunion surgery? Or your yeast infection? Or hear about your crazy ex? Doubtful. Now I can’t help the ensuing side-eye I give you when our paths cross.

Oohh, this one is good. Your computer screen. You need to take measures to secure your screen from the peering eyes behind you.

I have also had to be very…stealth about more personal things such as quickly shoving a tampon in my pocket before rushing to the bathroom.  Or more embarrassing things like hoping no one could hear my stomach growl either from hunger or worse, gas, like the day I had bad Thai food. Lol.

In my next post, I will share tips I have been employing to make my Cube Farm life more…bearable.

What have you experienced while sitting in a cube environment?  Do you like it or dislike it? Please share.

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