Surviving The Cube Life


In this post I shared my initial experience sitting in a cubicle at my new job.  Since then, I have gotten quite used to this new environment by employing some simple tips. My general theme is peace and relaxation at work. See if these work for you.


This is a constant for me. Especially with the high noise levels in the bullpen area I sit in. Tip: To avoid the embarrassment from this post, make sure your headphones are properly plugged in. I personally prefer softer sounds so easy listening, smooth jazz and some R&B.

I am a huge tea drinker. In addition to the numerous health benefits, the right cup of tea can calm your nerves which is essential when you do not have your own walls to keep away the nonsense.  While green tea is great in the morning, I prefer an oolong, peppermint or rooibos as the day wears on.


Those who know me know that I am a bit of a neat freak. I can’t stand to have clutter. Same goes for my desk at work. When my space is cluttered, so is my mind.

Along those lines, I used to be one of those people who was extremely minimalist when it came to my work space. My mantra was…if I had to leave the company today, I wanted to be able to pack in 2 minutes flat. So for a long time I had no personal effects at my desk. I would go to great lengths to create a nurturing and rejuvenating space at home, but would put no effort to recreate the same effect at work. The unfortunate truth is that we spend most of our waking  hours at work. So why not create a space that is welcoming and nurturing to your soul? Things like crystals, lighting, plants, inspirational sayings, pictures and other personal belongings have helped me achieve this effect at work.

Quiet room

My office building has a lot of these spread out throughout each floor. These are tiny rooms with comfortable seating and a phone. You can pop in for a quick private conversation or take a power nap. Up to you. When I feel the need to leave my immediate work space,  you can find me in one of these room doing anything from eating lunch to meditating. If your employer doesn’t have this,  schedule 5 or 10 mins every couple of hours to leave your cube. Take a walk. Outside or inside. Sit in your car…whatever you can do to get some alone time. Hugely important.

Be friendly with your neighbors

While you may not be the loudest person in the bullpen (and you shouldn’t be!), you should try to get to know at least a couple of folks in your area. Sitting in a cube farm helps when you know and like the folks in the same boat as you. A quick chat always helps break up to monotony of work and helps alleviate tensions.
These are not new.  They are just simple reminders to help make your cube experience…bearable.  Hoping at least one of these resonates!
Any tips you have used and want to share?

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